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"AI is the new electricity. Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry, AI will now do the same."
Andrew Ng
Co-founder of Coursera,
former AI head at Google & Baidu.
"AI is the new electricity. Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry, AI will now do the same."
Andrew Ng
Co-founder of Coursera,
former AI head at Google & Baidu.

Transform complexity into your advantage

  • 24/7 markets. 50+ exchanges.
  • 2,000+ new coins/tokens.
  • 50,000+ tweets daily.

TL;DR – Avoid the data overload!

Data is power, but not everyone has the skills to use today’s advanced software, like Machine Learning, that processes and make sense of the data. At nvest, we believe that everyone should have access to data and powerful algorithms, regardless of your technical background. From newbies to experts, nvest provides accessible data & analytics so you can find the signal from the noise and turn data into an advantage.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler"
Albert Einstein

Accessible Data & Analytics;
No coding required!

  • Customize to suite your needs
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Choose a variety of pre-built tools
  • Access to all of nvest's data
  • Community developed tools
  • Easily share on social media
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Awesome tools

Made for crypto traders & investors

Pattern Finder

History may not always repeat, but it often rhymes. Discover hidden patterns from the past and be prepared for what comes next. Classic charting & technical analysis combined with modern ML & statistical analysis. Learn More
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Build and run algos in seconds. Use a template or build your own with no coding required. Run on prices, technical indicators, sentiment data and breaking news. Receive alerts, make a trade or build & test a strategy. Learn More
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Crypto Sight

Analyze the entire crypto market on prices, volume, technical indicators, blockchain statistics and more. Customize and build your own screener with as little as 10 lines of code. If you can use Excel, you can do this! Learn More
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Organize all your crypto holdings in one place. Get a holistic view of your holdings, including risks and correlations. Receive personalized reccomendations for new ideas and how to improve performance. Learn More


Expert information for sale! Use nvest tokens to access a community of pros. Get a cryptographer's opinion on the technology or ask a VC about new project. Learn More

Token Discovery

Get plugged in, but not overloaded. Advanced text mining combined with NLP. Customized sentiment scores, news filtering & aggregation, summarize whitepapers and more. Integrate into your ICO spreadsheet. Learn More

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Highly Optimized Platform

nvest does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on core development and express your ideas!

Development Simplified

Expansive API puts the power of nvest in your hands. Full integration with Python, R & JavaScript allows software developers, data scientists and tinkerers the ability to easily build and deploy their own apps and obtain rewards from the nvest community of users.


Access to vast amounts of data. Advanced data sets, structured and unstructured, real-time and historical data. We ensure all data integrity. It's cleaned, prepared and ready for you to explore.


Advanced algorithms, modern NLP and machine learning models combined with quantitative financial libraries give you access to a full suite! Call our pre-built models and build on top of them or start from scratch and follow our tutorials.

Visualization Suite

Bring complex data and analysis to life with elegant and interactive visualizations, with native D3.js. The nvest visualization library allows great looking charts to be made easily. See D3 in action

Decentralized Community

  • Create and recieve rewards
  • Share your insights and grow your reputation
  • Discover and make new connections

A symbiotic community of traders, investors, data scientists, software developers and machine learning experts.

By creating a community of both users and creators, we can outmaneuver traditional, centralized organizations.

Our goal is to empower YOU!

Token Economics

Traders & Investors Access the platform Use tools/apps Awesome Tools Developers & Data Scientists Build applications on top of nvest's technology stack Development Simplified Pay small fee Provide feedback for new apps Use apps to make better trades & investments Collect rewards Gain rank Discover insights Build new apps Small fee Rewards

Game Plan

Agile lean startup, fail fast and always listen to our users.
See nvest.io software running live.
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* Information provided is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any functionality. All forward looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information.

Core Team

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Avi is nvest's data and market expert and he believes that using technology and data can make you a better investor. Working in the financial markets for the past 15 years, Avi understands the data, quantitative modelling and machine learning possibilites applicable for traders and investors. He is currently a Senior Investment Analyst at HEIC, a boutique investment advisor in Miami, managing portfolios for high net worth individuals. He is an experienced investor in stocks, government bonds, high yield bonds, FX, Emerging markets, asset backed securities, hedge funds and crypto. A former futures trader, specializing in technical analysis and algorithmic trading, Avi is an R & Python enthusiast, big picture thinker, avid reader and an exercise enthusiast.


PhD Computer Science, Machine Learning
Solly is nvest's Technology Expert. A practitioner of machine learning before it was cool, Solly likes to be on the leading edge of technology. Solly is an experienced full stack software engineer and he currently manages an expert team focused on AI at one of the world’s largest technology companies. Previously he managed a technology team of over 30, with various responsibilities including the operation of a high trafficked low latency website. Solly is quality focused, enjoys puzzles, writing code, running and is a fan of Star Trek.
Leandro is the founder of the L&S group which represents more than seven different companies in Brazil and provides financial services including overseeing R$ 700M for client advisory and has over 150,000 subscribers to their comprehensive financial education including a well-regarded trading school. Leandro is renown in the Brazilian financial community and is regularly interviewed by major Brazilian media. He is the author of the book “Me, the Stock Market and my Grandmother” (Eu, A Bolsa E Minha Avo).
Mickael is the manager and founder of Tokenpot Capital a crypto hedge fund. He has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2012 and been an early investor in various projects including Ethereum, Iota, Qtum and others. Mickael is also an advisor to Digitex Futures (DGTX) and was their first outside investor. Mickael has worked as senior technical architect at RazorFish and has worked in the technology field for several years.

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Crypto trading is one of the world’s fastest growing markets, already with millions of users, yet it’s still in its infancy. We’re going to build revolutionary tools for crypto traders and then leverage our user base to disrupt the multibillion dollar financial information industry.

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