Nvest possess a well establish technology stack, including a functioning software on and many locally run services that are used to push updates on social media. We plan to offer a real-time, optimized user interface within the first year. We believe in continuous improvement and highly optimized small teams.


Avi and Solly discuss how Machine Learning can be applied to stock market trading

Idea generation

While exploring the idea of creating complex ML trading bots, cofounders invert the idea and focus on building an open platform for all traders vs a secretive hedge fund.


Nvest is born

Built site and tools in order to show users & investors what is possible with Machine Learning. Pattern Finder and sample NLP products highlighted. Focus on traditional financial market applications.

Pitch to local Venture Capital

Met with local VC's and spoke to many others. None shared our vision of building an expert team from Day 1 and we weren't interested in raising money every 3 months.



Put fundraising on hold and decided to build out technology services locally. Pattern Finder updated to deal with multidimensional data inputs. Bot Builder launched.

Light bulb

As crypto ecosystem began to grow (more tokens to analyze) and with help of our Advisor Mickael, nvest pivoted from focusing on traditional financial market analytics to crypto.



Reached out to few crypto investors and distributed draft of white paper

Embrace decentralization

Watching the rise of crypto focused developer communities made us realize that building and embracing 'creators' is huge advantage crypto offers vs traditional open source.

2018 launched

New site, white paper and project details officially launched

Data services

Local technology services added including data collection from social media, wallet info and price/exchange data.


Legal & regulatory

Continued to meet and discuss with various blockchain experts on the possible business structures best suited for nvest. Kept abreast of evolving trends.

Social media launch

Began distributing automatically generated content via social networks. However much testing still needed to see what content works.


Private sales

First round of private sales launched to investors.

Process technology

Expanded range of collection and processing services and began migrating (and upgrading) to work in highly optimized cloud stack



Gain investor support to continue project via private and public sales

Full time team

Enable all team members to work full time on nvest. Add select industry hires

2019 beta launch - Q1

Integrate local data services and processes with existing technology stack. Launch Pattern Finder, Bot Builder and beta CryptoSight

Technology stack buildout - Q2-Q3

Launch core ML services including modern NLP framework, visualization libraries and multidimensional processing. Dashboard UI release


Marketing blitz - Q4

Launch targeted but wide ranging marketing showcasing the nvest platform.

Security review

Ensure all processes, user info and blockchain transactions have effective controls. Engage with 3rd parties to perform review.


Developer ecosystem

Launch developer friendly API, with clear documentation, tutorials and content. Attend and sponsor meetup's and selectively target developers to grow nvest's creator community.

Updated tool releases - Q1

Launch token discovery with custom NLP models. Beta portfoliorizer. Create opinionator exchange.


Mobile App beta - Q2

Test new UI and mobile optimized data analytics

Blockchain processing

Run beta of distributed server processing (ie Sonm) of nvest technology stack. Explore blockchains for optimized user transactions.